Rugby Over 50

I post a lot about workout routines I’m doing, supplements I take, routines I establish to try to stay strong, healthy and active.

This is why.

Last weekend we made a 10 hour trek to Savannah, GA to watch my 18 year old son play on a select-side college rugby team in a two-day tournament. However, when we arrived, he got sick and was essentially bed ridden for the entire time. So when you’ve driven 10 hours, and you’re stranded at a rugby tournament, what do you do?

You play rugby, of course!

I had a pair of shorts and cleats with me, so I searched around and found a couple of teams who needed players. One was an “old boys” team, the other was a combined college / men’s team. So while my son slept off his sickness, I had a great weekend playing rugby in Savannah.

When you’re healthy, when you’re strong, even at 51, you can do what you want to do, even walk-on to a rugby team.

Stay healthy!

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