The Best Question Ever

Ask It by Andy StanleyWhat if I told you there was a question that could change the direction of your life? This question can help you avoid some of life’s biggest mistakes in your relationships, finances, and career.

You can find the question in a book I read every few years, “Ask It”, by Andy Stanley.

Who this book is for

The question, and this book (and accompanying video series) has been a major influence on my life, and here’s why it’s so important to men:

  • Young men – Set the direction of your life with the future in mind, and avoid the mistakes of your parents.
  • Middle-aged men – Parent your kids with this question in mind. Starting over with a new marriage, a new job? Start by asking yourself this question.
  • Older men – You should be mentoring younger men. This question is a foundation of guiding the next generation.

What is the question already?

The question Andy poses is a filter for “every opportunity, every invitation, and every decision”. The question is,

What is the wise thing for me to do?

Or, more specifically,

In light of my past experience, my current circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do?

In the 175 pages (22 very short chapters) Andy explores how this question affects virtually every area of your life: relationships, finances, time, sex and more.

Just so that it doesn’t take you by surprise, Andy is a mega-church pastor in Atlanta. That doesn’t mean that this is for the religious only; it’s practical advice for everyone. In fact, Andy lets you off the hook if you’re not a Christian.

Like I said, I’ve read the book several times (even when it was in its original incarnation as “The Best Question Ever”). I’ve listened to his sermon series 4 or 5 times, and watched the video series as well. I’ve read the book with my sons, given the book away to numerous young men I’ve mentored, and shared it with the entire group of college students I lead in my church.

If you want to look inside, grab a preview, or order the book, you can do that by clicking here. (This is my Amazon affiliate link, btw, which means it doesn’t cost you anything, but  I get a couple of cents for your purchase).

You can also watch the first session of the video series on Youtube here.

Wrap Up

At this point in my life, I have two big concerns: First, don’t screw up a good thing; I know too many guys my age that have come off the rails by making stupid decisions in the heat of the moment, and lost everything. Second, as a mentor, I want to keep younger men from making decisions that will lead to events they will regret for the rest of their lives.

“Ask It” helps me with both of those goals. Check it out.